The Cows

25 years of breeding has resulted in a very specific type of Dorcas cow- extremely milky, docile, easy calving,  with great longevity, yet heavy enough to still command a decent cull price at the end.  We have achieved this by ruthless culling- by having a 300 cow herd we can cull efficiently and don’t feel the need  to ‘hang on’ to a cow to keep numbers up. We feel that this allows us to continue to improve, and with increased use of A.I. over our best females we can introduce new bloodlines into the closed herd.

Being a commercial herd means that ease of calving is always our top priority, and we are always selecting our bulls with this in mind.  We would never consider using a bull with minus calving figures, and our Calving Ease Direct figures are well above the Charolais Society average.


Performance recording commenced 2009

Although ease of calving is key, we achieve this without losing the growth rate that the Charolais breed is famous for. The vast  majority of our fat bulls grade at E and U, and kill out at 60% or above, at 15 months of age. The commercial aspect of the herd is paramount, and it is what drives all our genetic choices.

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