Artificial Insemination Bulls


Whilst visiting American Charolais herds in 2010, before and during the American Charolais Congress, John was very impressed with the cows at the Lindskov-Thiel herd in South Dakota, particularly the LT Wyoming Wind daughters who had excellent milking ability and good udder placement. LT Wyoming Wind is used extensively throughout America, and the accuracy of his EBV’s are high. Unfortunately semen could not be exported, so we sourced a LT Wyoming Wind son, Cedardale Typhoon.


Aesop was the stock bull for Wesley Estates, and is sire of Wesley Debonair, Champion at Welshpool November 2010. We were impressed by his progeny at the Wesley Dispersal dispersal sale.


During John’s visit to New Zealand and Australia in 2005 he saw many Novotel calves and was particularly impressed by them. They are known for their fleshing ability in hard conditions, good temperament, fertility, growth and finishing.


John’s down under tour included a visit to Graham Smith’s farm in Australia, where Pinay had been used to great effect on heifers. Pinay is known for being very easy calving, producing moderate framed milky daughters. There have been over 6,000 Pinay registered calves in Australia, so we knew we could trust the figures.

VB Gabriel

A Swedish bull from the renown herd of Anna Ingvar- Nilsson. During a trip to Sweden in 2013, John was particularly impressed with the cows he saw and felt that adding some Swedish genetics could only enhance the Dorcas herd.


Another Swedish bloodline. A homozygous bull with very good calving figures and maternal abilities, good muscle, and good growth, plus the opportunity to add some polled genetics into the herd. As with all Swedish genetics his figures are reliable due to extensive testing.