Our  Herd Philosophy

Home-Slide-1-Cow“Our breeding philosophy is the same as our commercial clients.  We believe that maintaining an efficient productive cow herd is the only option for successful, self sustaining, profitable cattle production”

Palgrove Charolais, Australia

We like this statement so much we couldn’t put it better ourselves!!

Here at Dorcas, we are a Pedigree herd run on a strictly commercial basis. The Dorcas female herd is managed in a commercial way, with cows expected to calve unassisted; calve by 2 years of age and continue to produce a calf every year.

We want our customers to buy from us with confidence, and the number of repeat customers that we have is testament to this.

We are always extremely happy to show people round, just give us a ring beforehand.


We have always had a strong commercial following and have sold a great number of bulls into commercial herds. Our most loyal customer, calving 300 + mainly Belgian Blue cross cows is confident enough to use Dorcas bulls on heifers, as these pictures testify.