Lleyn Sheep Flock

In addition to our Dorcas herd of pedigree Charolais cattle, we also run a closed flock of 1,100 Lleyn  ewes. The Lleyn ewes suit our outdoor March and April lambing system, being hardy enough to cope with any weather, but still having superb mothering ability.  During harsh lambing conditions the ewes always make use of the large hedges we have here and tuck their lambs into shelter. The lambs are also born lively, and will get up and suckle quickly. We also like the fact that Lleyn ewes have plenty of milk so that their lambs will go on and thrive.  Whilst we lamb the ewe flock in March and April, we follow on with around 450 ewe lambs from mid April.

All lambs are finished without concentrates at 40kg.

Around 80 ewes are put to a Beltex tup specifically to produce show quality lambs for the Christmas Fatstock Markets. This has been very successful, with us winning numerous  championships and reserve championships at Thame and Foscote Markets over the last decade.

Breeding theaves and ewe lambs are always available for sale, plus we send an annual consignment to the Thame and Bicester Sheep Fair in August.