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Home-Slide-1-CowThe Morris family of John, Rosemary, son George and his wife Claire farm approximately 500 acres in the rolling hills of Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire. The purchase of College Farm in 1989 led to a change in farming policy, with a decision made to start up a pedigree herd.

Cows and in calf heifers were initially purchased from the dispersal sales of Warninglid, Boldre and Stockwell herds, as well as privately from Airton, Shamley and Cliftonpark herds. The first Dorcas registered calf was born in 1992. The herd now numbers 300 pedigree cows. All calves are finished on site, with 30-40 of the best females being retained as replacements each year. The top 10% of young bulls are selected for breeding, and we sell these both privately and at auction.

We are members of the HiHealth Herdcare Cattle Health Scheme, and work closely with our vet monitoring Johnes, BVD, IBR and Lepto. We have been performance testing since 2009.

As well as the successful Dorcas herd, we also run a 1,200 Lleyn x flock and grow 60 acres of barley. After ten years in the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, we joined the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme in October 2010, thus enabling us to carry on with our environmental work around the farm.

Visit from 50 German Cattle Breeders (Rhinder-Allianz) Sept 2015

Visit from 50 German Cattle Breeders (Rhinder-Allianz) Sept 2015

Visit from 30 Estonian Charolais Farmers July 2015

Visit from 30 Estonian Charolais Farmers July 2015


Visit The College Farm, an outdoors educational facility in the heart of Buckinghamshire

If you are interested in learning where your food comes from in an enjoyable way and within a real working environment, a visit to College Farm is for you!

Claire runs Educational Access visits to the farm, where visitors get a chance to see a working farm in action.

Contact Claire on: 01844 201 562 or info@thecollegefarm.co.uk or Visit www.thecollegefarm.co.uk for more information.