Welcome to Dorcas Charolais

Welcome to the home of Dorcas Charolais, where we pride ourselves on producing easy calving bulls from an exceptionally strong female line of milky cows. We are constantly striving to improve the herd using the very best Charolais genetics from home and abroad.

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Pedigree Charolais bulls for pedigree and commercial herds.

Dorcas is a really well run operation and without doubt one of the best large herds in the UK, of any breed. The cow management and attention to detail are exemplary. I saw no evidence of difficult calvings, no caesareans, but all the cows were in good working condition and each group was running with a top quality pedigree Charolais sire. The Morris family have been innovative with their variation of Charolais genetics, not just from the UK but also in selecting semen from abroad and keeping the best sons for use in their herd. This is a herd of functional, sustainable Charolais cattle and a pleasure to visit.

Murray Lyle, Loganbar CharolaisJudge of SE Charolais Large Herd Competition 2014

The Dorcas Charolais Herd

The herd now numbers 300 pedigree cows. All calves are finished on site, with 30-40 of the best females being retained each year.

Lleyn Sheep Flock

In addition to our Dorcas herd of pedigree Charolais cattle, we also run a sheep enterprise of 1,100 Lleyn ewes.

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